Permission administration#

These endpoints are used for working with permissions. Viewing permission is part of the basic functionality, but granting and revoking is limited to MSS and those with full administrative access.

Searching for permissions#

Searching for permissions can be done using the simple search GET endpoint or the advanced search POST endpoint.


Please read the general integration guide to learn about general concepts for search endpoints.

Granting a permission#

To grant a permission you need to provide customer(shortName or ID) to provide the permission for, the role you want to grant, and the short name or ID of the group or user you want to grant the permission to:

curl -X POST -H "Argus-API-Key: my/api/key" -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '
    "customer": "mnemonic", 
    "subject": "dennis", 
    "function": "CUSTOMER-ROLES"

The newly created permission is returned

Revoking a permission#

To revoke a permission you need to know the ID of the permission you want to revoke:

curl -X DELETE -H "Argus-API-Key: my/api/key"

The revoked permission is returned