Compatibility and Deprecation#

When an API module is publicly released, the request and response model are guaranteed to stay consistent and backwards compatible. Breaking changes will not be done in a released version, instead we will release a new version of the module, which may have a different structure and contract.

However, the following changes are not considered breaking, and any integrating client should make sure to allow for such changes:

  • New endpoints - New endpoints may be added at any time.

  • New output fields - Adding a new output field may be done at any time.

  • New enum values - A field with defined valid output values (enum field) may be extended with new enum values. Integrating clients should therefore handle new/unknown enum values.

  • New input fields - New input fields, and new enum values for input enum fields, may be added. However, such fields are not added as mandatory/required input fields, as that would constitute a breaking API change.

  • New or changed list entries - For an endpoint returning a list of values, e.g. case categories or alarm categories, it is not considered a breaking change to add new entries to the list, or remove entries from the list. These are considered dynamic values.

Deprecation and changes will be announced on the mailing list Please contact mnemonic to be added to this mailing list.

In addition, deprecations will be announced on the API documentation page for the relevant API module.