Session management#

Deleting the session#

Deleting the session will evict the current session from the authorative cache, and force the session to be invalidated across all services.

curl -XDELETE -H"Argus-API-Key: my/api/key"

For API-key usage, clearing the session only means clearing theresolved cached session, so unless the API-key has been deleted, it will immediately be re-resolved upon next key usage.

Clearing the session cache#

Clearing the current session cache may be useful to force reloading of the permissions for the current session:

curl -XDELETE -H"Argus-API-Key: my/api/key"

Deleting the session for another user#

Evicting a specific session will delete that session from the authoritative cache, and immediately invalidate the session for all users.
This can be used to get rid of an unwanted session belonging to another user.

Evicting the session for another user is only available to users with the deleteSession permission, which is part of the POWER-USER role.
The administrator must know the sessionIdentifier in order to delete the session, which generally requires access to session logs.

curl -XDELETE -H"Argus-API-Key: my/api/key"