Customer Integration Guide#

Customer service allows to manage customer entities. It is possible to create, disable, edit, fetch, list, search through customer entities. It also allows managing customer information such as user roles, properties and logo.

Customer entities are grouped into customer groups, and each customer must belong to a parent and to a domain. Customer groups are used to facilitate permissions management.

It is important to be aware that several “sub-customer” entities can belong to a single ‘real world’ client.

This documentation will focus on functionalities and structure of V2, which is currently in development. For detailed information about V1 please refer to the Swagger API documentation


The Customer V1 API has now been deprecated, with removal date June 1st 2024.

Note that the V1 API included a list of “services” bound to the customer object. This concept is not part of the V2 API, as services and service subscriptions belong to the Case Service. Please see Case Service Subscriptions API for information on how to query for customer service subscriptions.

Please read the General integration guide to learn the general concepts and common data structures used throughout the Argus API.


The Swagger API documentation is always up-to-date and lets you try out any query with your user session or an API-key.

In V2 the API has the following parts:

  • Basic Customer API for fetching information

  • Administrative Customer API which provides access to CRUD operations

  • Property Descriptor API which defines the customer properties meta-model