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Are you a first time Argus API user?

Or maybe just want to understand more of the general concepts of our APIs?

The general integration guide provides an overview of the structure and functionality of the Argus REST API.
Please read this if you are a first time user, or if you are wondering about how to use general features like search subcriteria, include/exclude flags or search strategies.

For integration with specific service modules, please see the relevant module documentation, which also contains the detailed API documentation for each REST endpoint.

Service modules

Each service module will have its own page with API documentation and integration guides. 
Not all documentation is prepared right now, but we are working on it!

If you need more documentation on some specific services, or have questions to the use of our APIs, please feel free to contact us!


ServiceDescriptionAPI DocumentationIntegration Guide
Alarm ServiceThe Alarm service provides information about the alarm description and alarm categories used in Argus security events.API documentation
Asset ServiceThe Assets service provides access to the customer asset database, for querying and updating customer assets such as hosts, services and business processes.
The asset database documents applications and vulnerabilities, and provides advanced querying and statistics tools.
API documentationAsset Integration Guide
Authentication Service

The Authentication service provides API for authenticating a user, as well as API for querying and setting authentication settings.

The API also contains operations for impersonation and constraining the current session.

API documentation
Case Service

The Case service provides API for querying, creating and updating entries in the Argus case system.

API documentationCase Integration Guide
Customer ServiceThe Customer service provides API for querying or updating existing customer definitions, or creating new customers.API documentation
Customer Network ServiceThe Customer Network service manages network information for customer networks, used for analysis and documentation of customer networks.API documentation
DataStore Service

The Argus DataStore is a general store for key/value based data, used for simple data distribution. These datastores can also be distributed to the Argus sensor environment, giving the analysis engines a simple key/value store to use during analysis.

The stores are customer oriented and named, ensuring granular control of the data.

The DataStore service provides methods for querying metadata and entries in the Argus DataStore. 

API documentationDataStore Integration Guide
Document ServiceThe Document service provides methods for traversing the document folder tree, fetching and updating documents.API documentationDocument Integration Guide
Event Filter ServiceThe EventFilter service provides methods for querying, fetching and updating the event filters used in the Argus sensor environment.

Event ServiceThe Event service provides methods for querying and fetching events, event statistics and event payload. The service also provides methods for commenting and event assessment.API documentationEvent Integration Guide
Metric ServiceThe Metric service provides methods for creating and retrieving metric descriptors, and submission of associated recorded metric data.API documentationMetric Integration Guide
Notification ServiceThe Notification service handles user notifications by email, SMS and app. The service provides endpoints for registering mobile devices, and to manage user notification settings.API documentationNotification Integration Guide
Passive DNS Service

The Passive DNS Service provides access to the domain/IP database based on passive DNS sensors.

For external users, see our simplified integration guide for querying public PassiveDNS data.

API documentation

PassiveDNS Integration Guide

Simplified Integration Guide

Reputation ServicesThe Reputation service provides methods for querying and updating reputation sources and reputation overrides, and for querying for calculated reputation values for domains and IPs.API documentation
Sensor Service

The Sensor service provides methods for querying and updating sensors and defining new sensors. The service also provides status information for each sensor.

API documentationSensor Integration Guide
User Service

The User service provides methods for querying users and groups, and for user administration.

API documentationUser Integration Guide