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Welcome to the Argus Managed Defence's API documentation. Here you'll get an overview and find usefull guides for our APIs and tools. 

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Getting started

If you're just getting started or are looking for some quick references to our API, then there are two pages that are especially usefull to look at.

General integration guide

If you are a first time user of our API, we suggest you start by looking over the General Integration Guide. This guide gives you an overview of the general use of the Argus API, and common patterns for how the API is structured.

API Reference

When you're implementing some service with Argus, the API reference is a good resource to have handy. Here you'll get to know how to call our APIs and what they'll return back.

Further reading

If you're looking for more spesific information, then you should have a look at the documentation for our service modules. Though bellow you'll find direct links to integration guides some of our most used services:

  • PassiveDNS - Query our Passive DNS as part of your threat hunting
  • Cases - Communicate about security incidents, issues and questions
  • Events - Search and retrieve security events
  • Datastore - Key-value and listed data storage
  • Documents - Store any document!

Need help, having issues or have questions that are not addressed in our documentation?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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