Defining an OAuth2 / OpenID Connect Client#

Defining an OAuth2 Client is generally done by an administrator.

To define a new OAuth2 Client:

curl -XPOST -H"Argus-API-Key: my/api/key" -d
    "shortName": "myclient",
    "name": "My OAuth Client",
    "description": "This is the description of the client",
    "customer": "mycustomer",
    "mainURI": "https://my.application",
    "redirectURI": "https://my.application/oauth/callback"
    "requiredFunction":"myAccessFunction",  # define a special access function, which is required for the user to get access
    "permissionScope":"DATASTORE-VIEWER",   # allow the client to access the datastore, read only
    "clientIPRange": [""],    # I know where this application runs!
    "clientSecret": "mySecretPassword"      # Share this secret with the OAuth2 client, to allow it to contact the Token endpoint

The returning OAuth2 Client object contains the client ID, which should be used in the OAuth2 protocol exchange:

  "id": "021269c5-04c3-4399-a206-32659c489803", ...